Artisanal globemaking is damned hard work


Peter Bellerby is one of the last people in the business. Occupying an artisanal space between mass-produced tat and astronomically-expensive artwork is "horrendously difficult," he tells Citylab.

"You have to retrain your body to work in a much slower and guarded way," he says. "They've got to want to do it and not be beaten by the process." It took him more than a year to learn the art.…

Today, Bellerby sees globes as inspirational rather than everyday-functional. "You'll never use it to navigate; you use GPS and Google maps because that is completely amazing and fantastic," he says. "But when you have a globe, it allows you to see the planet we live on and see the countries as they relate to each other—which is really important and far more inspiring."

The official website is at Prices start at £999. They have an Etsy store too.