Brows furrow at Trump's "endgame" possibilities


NYMag wonders: what exactly does The Donald want out of all this?

The assumption is that the Republican field narrows to Trump and Someone Else, who picks up everyone else's votes and crushes Trump in the primaries. What then? The hypothesis is that this is in fact the plan, because he wants to run as an independent, because he's in it to … what, exactly? It's implied that he can't possibly be president, so he must want something else.

Fusion writes that other countries want to know what is going on, here.

Of course, Trump's hair also gets some love. Italians want to know "What would Trump look like if he cut his hair?" Some South Africans want to know some much more profound about Trump's pileous powers, asking "How does Donald Trump's hair work?"

But Russia has perhaps the most interesting search of all. Nestled among a list of related searches that are pretty mundane ("Donald Trump," "Ivanka Trump," "Trump Towers") is the search term "Donald Trump Condition."

What does this mean?

If you're just in the mood for answers, singer Ricky Martin has a "blistering" op-ed.