The FUGS First Rehearsal and Lou Reed's Earliest Known Recording of 'Heroin'

The Fugs and Lou Reed by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall

A cameo-filled page from John Wilcock, New York Years. With Ed Sanders' Arts Magazine, Edie Sedgwick arriving in NYC, and Nico fainting on stage.

From John Wilcock, New York Years

Read: Death and Taxes on Lou Reed's Heroin Envelope | (Original Facebook post)
and "Pre-VU Lou" by Michael Sandlin

LISTEN: WFMU's Ted Barron recently played the very uncommon 1965 Pickwick demo of Heroin. Hear it at this link. | (Link to the full playlist)

Reed also recorded other alternate versions with John Cale. This Youtube clip collects most of these; all are very different than the Pickwick recording linked above.

1966 Live Recording of Heroin:

There are three Fugs songs in this week's Wilcock comic. Enjoy all three here:

For more on Ed Sanders' magazine Fuck You, A Magazine For the Arts, see this overview from Boo-Hooray, (along with this interview), and this complete cover archive from the William S Burroughs site Reality Studio.