Halo 5's cinematic opening

Can the Halo series survive without the Master Chief and Cortana? Halo 5 introduces Fireteam Osiris, a new team of Spartan-IV heroes, but will we care?

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is the greatest hero in FPS history. His relationship with the AI, Cortana, and a mildly sarcastic refusal to accept defeat, have saved humanity over and over again. Apparent Microsoft feels the franchise needs to move along.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has tried to swap someone other than the Chief into our play, and it hasn't always worked.

Halo ODST was not interesting to me. I'd thought fighting the Covenant on Earth, as a UNSC Marine, and defending New Mombasa would be a lot more fun than it was. Halo Reach introduced a fire team of Spartans at the onset of the war with the Covenant scum, before the fall of Reach nearly wiped out the United Nation's force of super soldiers. Noble Team, and the player character Spartan B312 a.k.a "Noble Six", were instant friends, and I was nearly brought to tears as they each died, trying to stop the onslaught.

Locke has some pretty big shoes to fill.