Quitting sugar "changed my brain"


Michael Grothaus quit sugar, soon regretted it, but came through after a week or so.

By the end of Day 4, I would have sold my dog for a brownie. The fogginess and lack of focus at one point got so bad, I was worried I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the stories I needed to file that week. I seriously considered having an energy drink "for the good of my health" (I resisted). Needless to say, the continuing brain fog and resulting lack of focus made me very irritable and even depressed. I became cranky and impatient, and was unable to concentrate on things for significant lengths of time. … But then on Day 6, something happened.

I've been on a low-carb diet for about 8 months and it's changed a lot in my life, mostly for the better. But I don't remember symptoms of withdrawal or notable mental focus changes.


• Lost a lot of weight

• Sleep better

• Bacon every day


• Had to replace wardrobe

• Constantly checking piss for ketones

• Committing to a diet that might not be long-term

• Developed a bad coffee habit (But not, mercifully, a butter-in-coffee habit)