RIP Dean Jones, 1931-2015


Dean Jones, the iconic superstar of so many early Disney films, has passed away. The Chicago Tribune shares a wonderful remembrance.

From the Chicago Tribune:

In "The Love Bug" he played a washed-up racer with a sour, self-loathing streak, a yen for Michelle Lee (who is introduced in a memorably inappropriate fashion by way of a close-up of her long Broadway-trained legs) and a magical VW bug with a mind of its own. Like its driver, Herbie had a manic-depressive streak. At one point in "The Love Bug," the VW tries to commit suicide by driving off the Golden Gate bridge. A strange fantasy indeed, though I suppose I kept going back for the stunts and the jokes. And something in Jones' eager-beaver, 110 percent attack appealed to lots and lots of movie fans.