Mobile game of the week: Wuwu and Co.

Danish developer Step In Books has turned the tablet device into a magical picture book full of wintry Nordic fairytales. After winning lots of regional awards, Wuwu & Co. is at last available in English on the App Store, and proves honestly delightful whether you have kids or not.

It really does feel like a book come to life: With playful music, the crunch of snow and pretty, modern animal illustrations, you tilt and shake the device to interact gently with the stories and characters on all sides of you. The little pane of glass you hold in your hands feels like a window to another world, one you hold up and look through. One of the stories even asks you to light a lantern by using the device camera to find the right color.

I recently met a three year-old who knew how to look up videos of surprise eggs being opened on YouTube using her mom's mobile. I have seen infants reach insistently for television screens, confused about why they don't react to touch. It's wonderful how Wuwu & Co takes the natural magic of these devices and uses it to engage kids in interactive play, reading and storytelling.

Like another favorite family app of ours, Metamorphabet—like all the best children's stuff, really—Wuwu & Co is lovingly-made and intelligent enough to appeal to all ages. We recommend it for playful adults, too.