Alaska woman steals patrol car in which her just-arrested husband is handcuffed

Amber Watford, 28, of Big Lake Alaska, and Joshua Watford, 38.

Amber Watford, 28, of Big Lake Alaska, and Joshua Watford, 38.

Alaska Woman is giving Florida Man a run for his money.

AP reports that a woman in Alaska has been arrested for stealing a State Troopers patrol car that held her handcuffed husband in the back seat. Amber Watford, 28, of Big Lake, and Joshua Watford, 38, were found at a home in Wasilla last Thursday, after roaming around on the lam for a few days.

An officer had arrested Joshua Watford on Wednesday after receiving a tip that he was in a Big Lake pawn shop. He had been convicted of driving under the influence but had failed to attend court-ordered classes, said troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters.

After Watford had been placed in the back of a patrol car, a passing motorist stopped and began speaking to the arresting officer. While the officer was distracted, troopers said, Amber Watford got behind the wheel of the patrol car and took off.

Troopers recovered the patrol car an hour later. It had not been damaged. Nothing was missing from the car, including the handcuffs that had been on Joshua Watford's wrists, Peters said.

Most shade-throwingest line in the piece: "Directory assistance did not list a phone number where the Watfords could be reached for comment."