Hungry deer caught munching marijuana plants at Oregon farm

Oh, deer.

Oh, deer.

In Southern Oregon, some deer got the munchies and noshed on cannabis plants at an industrial hemp farm. The critters actually stamped down a barbed wire fence to get to the stuff. This form of hemp is low in THC, but the seeds are high in protein and healthy fats–so it's super nutritious and yummy.

The story was first reported in a local newspaper where everything is hidden behind a paywall, so here's the Associated Press recap:

The deer got by barbed-wire fencing a couple weeks ago and went through the hemp plants like high-powered mowers, the Grants Pass Daily Courier reported.

"Generally, I don't think they like cannabis. They liked ours, though," said Cliff Thomason, a real estate agent who is the steward of the first industrial hemp crop in Oregon, which was planted near Murphy by Thomason and his partners with Orhempco.

The company planted roughly 1,000 plants in the section the deer got into, and Thomason said there are only about 40 left.