Marching band formation: Star Trek's Enterprise or giant penis?

On Saturday night, the Kansas State marching band's halftime show formed what they say was meant to be the Starship Enterprise battling the Kansas Jayhawks mascot. Many feathers were ruffled though as some thought the formation looked much more like a giant penis headed toward the bird's beak.

The K-Sate Marching band director Frank Tracz tweeted an apology:

The chart below represents the drill from tonight's show. There was absolutely no intent to display anything other than the Enterprise and the Jayhawk in battle. If I am guilty of anything it would be the inability to teach the drill in a manner that these young people could have succeeded. I do apologize for the misinterpretation and I assure you that I meant absolutely no disrespect or malice toward the University of Kansas.

(Kansas City Star)

UPDATE: Kansas State will pay a self-imposted $5,000 fine, the band director will not be at the November 28 game against Kansas, and officials of the university must approve halftime show routines. (Associated Press)