New Apple gadgets: iPhone 6S, ginormous iPad Pro, gamier Apple TV


The iPhone 6s and 6S+ (prices unchanged) are much faster—and very slightly thinner—than last year's models, and come optionally in a new "rose gold" color as well as silver, gray and gold. The flagship new feature is "3D Touch," bringing on-screen pressure sensitivity and more precise haptic feedback to iOS devices.

x 2015-09-09 at 3.00.47 PMAn upgraded camera takes higher-resolution pictures and records 4K video. The new phones will be available Sept. 25, with Apple taking preorders on Sept. 12.

The iPad Pro ($799 and up) is a monster-size 12.9" tablet that comes with an optional stylus and keyboard, and offers more powerful features such as dual-pane multitasking. Like the new iPhones, it uses Apple's A9 chip. It is 6.9mm thick, weighing 1.6 pounds.

The Smart Keyboard looks similar to those that come with Microsoft Surface tablets; the Apple Pencil has pressure sensitivity, which will make the iPad Pro of great interest to artists.

An updated version of the iPad Mini was also on show—just a spec bump there.

The new Apple TV is larger and more gaming-oriented, with beefier hardware and a focus on individual movies, titles and apps rather than "channels." Apple Music will also be available on the box, which also comes with a new "touch" remote providing easier manipulation of the new user interface and credible game controls.

Finally, a new version of the Apple Watch's software was announced alongside new official watch band options.