People believe they will be healed by gazing at a video feed of this guy's face

His name is Braco (pronounced braht-zo), though his devotees call him "the gazer." When the 48-year-old Croatian healer is in public, he remains perfectly silent. His followers claim that his ability to relieve mental and physical anguish is so strong that it can be felt by gazing at a live video feed of his face. He also sells jewelry that transmit "life, light and energy." You can buy a Yellow Diamond Encrusted Sun Pendant (which provides “connection to [the Golden Sun's] energy”) for $6345.

From Braco's website:

Braco is here for everyone to offer fresh happiness, hope and help through his live streamed gaze. This experience is defined by people in many countries as one of loyal goodness, distinctively natural and simple, yet profound in its enriching and loving effects on lives.

Encounters with Braco’s Gaze are distinguished by restoring people’s hope and peace, enabling the needed help to come effortlessly and generously.

Special thanks are extended to all those who support these worldwide live stream broadcasts by contributing to keep them free for everyone, especially for those who could not participate and benefit otherwise. Unreserved generosity spreads love everywhere, and this is Braco’s way, our way together.

Molly Fitzpatrick logged on for Braco's most recent live stream and wrote about it for Fusion. The whole thing is worth reading, but here's a highlight:

Twenty-five minutes into the livestream, Braco finally appears, to swelling piano music. The camera momentarily focuses on his hairline, but quickly adjusts. He stands in the so-called Onyx Room of his Zagreb headquarters, in front of a wall decorated in a mosaic rendering of his trademark sun symbol.

Braco is a little goofy, but an altogether friendly-looking man with a hint of a smile. His shoulder-length hair is gray in places, white in others: a middle-aged Fabio ombré. His eyes are brown, his nose is round and prominent, and his brow is slightly furrowed. There’s a small mole just to the side of his left eye. He stares directly into the lens, blinking so infrequently that, when he eventually does, it’s downright startling.

She says she didn't feel healed from her live gazing session, but did feel "calm, sleepy even." She doesn't give Braco credit for her improved mood, however. Instead she attributes her "brain’s chemical response to a rare break from the endless clicking that usually characterizes the time I spend on the internet. It’s nice to intentionally do nothing."

Braco's next gazing live stream will take place in 24 days 22 hours 28 minutes and 53 seconds. I'm putting it on my calendar.