NYPD cop who beat up tennis star James Blake has a long, violent rapsheet

Officer James Frascatore's only been on the NYPD for 4 years, but has racked up a long history of complaints for unprovoked acts of brutality — and for lying about them.

He is defendant in four ongoing civil suits as well as the subject of at least five Civilian Complaint Review Board complaints.

Previous to dealing out an unprovoked beating to tennis star James Blake, Frascatore yanked open a car door during a traffic stop and punched the driver three times in the mouth. Then he sued the driver for biting his fist.

He gave another one of his victims a concussion. Frascatore then lied about the beating. All charges against that victim were dismissed.

Frascatore was part of a gang of criminal cops who repeatedly pepper-sprayed a man outside a bodega without cause or warning. Frascatore and his accomplices lied about that one, too.

Frascatore was hit with his first lawsuit in 2013 for an incident that allegedly happened a year earlier when he pulled over Leroy Cline in Queens and demanded his identification but would not say why.

"He completely ignored me and said, 'License, registration,'" Cline told WNYC last year. "I said, 'Officer, what am I being pulled over for?'"

"That's when he opened my car door and gave me three straight shots to the mouth."

Frascatore told a different story. In a counter-suit, he claimed Cline attacked him and bit his fist. He said he sustained "permanent" injuries while trying to arrest him.

Frascatore "became sick, sore, lame and disabled…(and) has been permanently injured," the lawsuit states.

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