Chloe LMAO: Who is she?


Vine star Chloe Woodard, aka chloe lmao, is 16. The high school student is hilarious in a medium that's just a couple of years old.

She's on Vine, Twitter, instagram.

Paper Magazine did a cool profile of her, and describes so succinctly what is so weirdly perfect about "Who Is She."

There's not much to the clip: tiny sunglasses, tie dye, a large ponytail, shimmying shoulders, braces, and the intro to A-ha's 1984 synthpop hit "Take On Me." But all together, it creates the kind of simple, indescribable magic that has accumulated over 60 million views.

Are you going to continue making Vines, Paper asked her?

Yeah, as long as I have material, I guess. My material right now is not as good as it could be. Like, I'm pretty young. I'm 16. My sense of humor hasn't come into its own. I need time to experience more and have my sense of humor mature. I think by then I could make pretty good content. Whether Vine will be around by then or not, I don't know.

Smart kid.