Man trying to fix broken windshield ticketed on way to repair shop

Nick Berlin was "yards away" from a windshield repair shop when he was pulled over by an Adams County (Colorado) Sheriff's Deputy who gave him a ticket for having a broken windshield. Berlin's windshield was broken when a vandal threw a rock at it. Jeremy Jojola of KUSA Channel 9 reported the story and spoke to Denise Maes, the public policy director for the ACLU:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado called the ticket part of a larger problem.

"The more and more police officers see their role as ticketing as opposed to protecting public safety, that has a tendency to erode the public trust," said Maes.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department says "no comment." The auto glass repair shop told the KUSA that they would pay the $46 ticket if the judge didn't throw it out. I asked Jojola via Twitter for an update and he replied that Berlin, goes to "court on Nov. 18th. Still has to go to court to request dismissal."