Tim Wu joins the New York Attorney General's office

Wu, a protege of Larry Lessig who coined the term "Net Neutrality," will be on sabbatical from Columbia Law while he works for the AG: "If I have a life mission, it is to fight bullies"

I've known Tim since we were small children and have been avidly watching and admiring his work since we made contact again as adults, on the eve of Lessig's Supreme Court argument.

I spoke with him a few months ago and have a sense of what his mission will be at the AG's office, and it's very exciting indeed. Stay tuned.

Mr. Wu will focus on issues involving technology, including protecting consumers and ensuring fair competition among companies that do business online, the attorney general's office said.

"Tim provides an unparalleled depth of understanding of the intersection between technology and the law," Mr. Schneiderman, a Democrat, said in a statement. "His expertise in how legal rules can facilitate competition in modern markets is broad and deep, as is his commitment to justice and fairness."

Tim Wu, Open Internet Advocate, Joins New York Attorney General's Office [Thomas Kaplan/NYT]

(Image: Tim wu std, Romewhenin, PD)