Read a bold new magazine for interactive fiction fans

sub-Q is a cool, ambitious new "interactive magazine" for fans of interactive fiction. It's the right time, says founder Tory Hoke, who takes note of new possibilities for the form offered by the rise of reading apps and devices, the proliferation of Twine, and massive successes like 80 Days. Even Stephen Colbert is into it.

Hoke and interactivity editor Devi Acharya want to bring together interactive fiction writers and literary authors in a publication that presents games, interviews and articles together—and aims to be the first magazine to offer professional rates for IF. It also has community features and achievements of a kind for participants who play the works offered.

We love all kinds of interactive fiction here at Offworld—from the wordplay of PataNoir to the elegant horror of Hornets or Stowaway; I back the Interactive Fiction Fund, which has given life to games like Never Go To Work and Morning Ritual. So we're super happy to see a venue devoted to IF in this way, and hope to see it succeed.