Creator of number one best selling app pulls it from app store: "Just doesn't feel good"

A well-known software developer pulled his wildly successful ad-blocking utility just two days after releasing it on Apple's App Store. Marco Arment, who co-founded Tumblr and created Instapaper and Overcast, says he felt guilty about selling the ad-blocker, called Peace, because it "just doesn't feel good."

Arment explained why he pulled the app in a post on his blog (which runs ads served by The Deck):

I still believe that ad blockers are necessary today, and I still think Ghostery is the best one, but I've learned over the last few crazy days that I don't feel good making one and being the arbiter of what's blocked.

Ad-blocking is a kind of war — a first-world, low-stakes, both-sides-are-fortunate-to-have-this-kind-of-problem war, but a war nonetheless, with damage hitting both sides. I see war in the Tao Te Ching sense: it should be avoided when possible; when that isn't possible, war should be entered solemnly, not celebrated.

Even though I'm "winning", I've enjoyed none of it. That's why I'm withdrawing from the market.

He is giving refunds to everyone who purchased the app.