New podcast on new forms of power in networked societies

Jamie King sez, "The Emergents Podcast, a new show from the creator of STEAL THIS FILM, considers the development of a new form of power inside our networked society. In this pilot episode (MP3), Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay), Troy Hunt (Have I Been Been Pwned) and network security consultant Ella Saitta consider the Ashley Madison hack, strange 'network collectives' like Impact Team and the 'volatile, unstable, complex and arbitrary' world they're bringing into being."

Jamie was a critical resource for me when I was writing Pirate Cinema; this is a very exciting development in podcastland!

In August 2015, #ashleymadisonhack spilled the records of 30 million affair-seeking people into the public domain. In this episode, Troy Hunt (Have I Been Pwned?), Eleanor Saitta and Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay) consider the implications of the hack: difficulties posed to law enforcement, the legitimacy of actions such as Impact Team's; what we can expect from other "stochastic network collectives" such as this, and the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Arbitrary (VUCA) consistency of our lived environment. Finally, we hear about Peter's plan for new "open court" software, and Ella considers the ways in which network entities are arising to duplicate activities previously associated with the state.

Emergents Podcast – Pilot Episode – "Pwned"