The Open Source Party

Jon Lebkowsky writes, "Just as Open Source provided an free-as-in-freedom alternative to proprietary software, an Open Source Party can provide a free alternative to proprietary politics.

At least, that's what R.U. Sirius, Krist Novoselic, and I believe. We're founding a political movement based on the principles of Open Source: where laws, policies, and political processes are seen as a body of code, then the code, and any changes to the code, should be visible and understandable. The code must be accessible and modifiable. Anyone can access the code and propose modifications, which may be accepted by democratic consensus, or by executive decision in a framework decided democratically.

Our first step was to create the website and our next step was to co-author the article linked above, introducing our thinking and inviting like-minded geeks to join the party.

Introducing the United States Open Source Party [Jon Lebkowsky, R. U. Sirius, and Krist Novoselic/Medium]