Baby meets beagle

“My wife and I were worried about how the dog would react to a baby, so we kept them apart for a few months. This is when they get introduced to each other.” Read the rest

Dog steals ice cream from fellow dog

“Cooper and Daisy go through the drive up window at Mcdonalds.” Not cool, Cooper. Not cool. Read the rest

Wired's recent “native ad” for Volkswagen vanishes as emissions scandal worsens

Volkswagen's sponsored content may be disappearing around the internet, but the stink about their emissions scandal ain't going anywhere just yet. Read the rest

80 great movie posters with the annoying text removed

Joinyouinthesun posted 80 classic movie posters, in hi-resolution, with the text removed.

80 hi-res, textless posters (some of my favorites)

Read the rest

5-port USB desktop charging station great for family travel

When we were at the Mission Inn for Weekend of Wonder, this 5-port USB desktop charging station, on sale at Amazon for $(removed) kept 3 iPhones and a tablet well-fed. I used the additional port to charge a battery pack. The great thing about it is that you can plug it into a wall outlet (which are always in weird places in hotel rooms for some reason) and set the charger on a desk for ready access. It even comes with a suction cup mat to hold your soap in the shower! Read the rest

HOWTO make a physical, papercraft GPG box

Shiro writes, This is a tutorial by @shiromarieke and @nsmnsr on how to make a 'GPG BOX' [PDF], a tool to easily explain GPG encryption. It has been made for CryptoParty Berlin. Read the rest

Thai agricultural fertilizer TV ad may be the best fertilizer TV ad ever

Hubba Hubba. Read the rest

Dig these groovy, diverse jazz sounds from Italian cinema

Imagine you're in a hip, swinging Italian movie with this killer compilation "Library of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions from the Italian Cinema (1963-1975)." The vinyl release is a gatefold double LP in a super-limited edition of 750. To give you a taste of the tunes, below are Nora Orlandi's "Sweet Body of Deborah," Ennio Morricone's "Un Uomo da Rispettare", and Armando Trovajoli's "The Getaway."

"Library of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions from the Italian Cinema (1963-1975)" (Forced Exposure)

Read the rest

Why biometrics suck, the Office of Personnel Management edition

The nation-state hackers who stole 5.6 million+ records of US government employees (cough China cough) also took 5.6 million+ fingerprints. But it's no problem: those people can just get new fingerprints and revoke their old ones right? Read the rest

Babymetal is coming to Rock Band 4, so let's listen to Babymetal

The Babymetal song "Gimme Chocolate!!" will be available as a bonus track for the soon-to-be-released Rock Band 4 if you preorder the game on Xbox One, which is important because: Babymetal. Read the rest

Comics historian Craig Yoe celebrates Banned Books Week with the Forbidden Comics bundle

Banned Books Week is just around the corner and to help prepare readers for this event, the folks at Humble Bundle have put together a collection of challenged and banned comics.

A portion of the proceeds goes towards benefitting The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who helped curate this limited time bundle. Many notable creators are represented here including Alan Moore, Scott Snyder, Jeff Smith, Jeff Lemire, Garth Ennis, the Hernandez brothers, and even Cory Doctorow himself.

The Humble Comics Bundle: Forbidden Comics Supporting Banned Books Week runs for two weeks and ends Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.

For such a unique bundle about controversial comics, it only felt fitting to call upon an individual just as unique to provide the very first Humble Bundle intro; enter comics historian Craig Yoe, no stranger to the most salacious corners of comicdom.

Take it away, Craig!


Mother was horrified.

She discovered my gaily-painted childhood wooden toy box now had a big steel padlock on it that I had got from Miller's Hardware Store. And it had a hand scrawled sign defiantly affixed: KEEP OUT! THIS MEANS YOU!

Mom became hysterical when I refused her demands to open the box to reveal its hidden contents. She could only imagine what dark secrets it contained.

It WAS filled with terribly embarrassing stuff that I didn’t want anyone to see because it would reveal emblematic objects of my conflicted, tormented adolescence: “men’s magazines” and “children’s comic books.” Both types of opposing fare were dishonorable possessions for a 13 year-old. Read the rest

Donald Trump confirms, then denies, his father's arrest at a KKK rally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump finally responded to Boing Boing's uncovering of a 1920s-era story reporting the apparent arrest of his father at a Ku Klux Klan Rally in Queens. As one might expect from The Donald, he confirmed it, denied it, and got angry with "that little website." Read the rest

Watch the Angry Birds movie trailer!

Apparently, next summer "we'll finally find out why the birds are so angry."

Read the rest

A game where you catch lightning bugs until the sun comes up

Lightning bugs are a sort of magic when you're young, the kind that feels like it escaped from the halls of Hogwarts and somehow reclassified itself as science under the cover of darkness. It's the sort of memory that tends to stay vivid: the moment when you cupped a firefly inside your hands and watched its light seep out between the cracks in your fingers like greenish-yellow fire.

In the game Imaginal, you decide to relive one of those memories with a friend by walking through the woods and catching fireflies together after dark, like you used to do as kids. "It'll be super chill," they promise. "We can just hang out, catch some bugs and have a chat." And that's exactly what you do.

Armed with a glass jar, you can only capture the bugs while they're illuminated, and if you happen to snag a special blue lightning bug you'll share an insight or an idle thought with your friend—or maybe they'll one with you.

Don't bother racing around to each firefly the moment it lights up; it'll almost certainly be too late by the time you reach it, and you'll earn yourself a lot of frustration, but few bugs. Instead, relax: try following one firefly at a time as they bob back and forth in the shadows, and wait for its light to turn on. This isn't Cookie Clicker, it's a gentle, meditative game about spending time with a friend, and one that's particularly pleasant to play before bed. Read the rest

Beautiful video of the giant redwood trees of Northern California

More Than Just Parks (MTJP) immerses us in the Redwood National and State Parks to see the tallest trees in the world. What you see in this video is literally in my backyard and I feel so fortunate that I can immerse myself in such beauty just by stepping outside.

Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California are home to the tallest trees in the world, the mighty Redwood, which can reach staggering heights of over 360ft and weigh more than 500 tons. These parks feature magical forests, miles of spectacular beaches, stunning overlooks, and the largest herd of Roosevelt elk on the planet. This film was shot entirely in 4K.


Read the rest

Giant rocks close highway in Zion National Park

A rockslide shut down Mount Carmel Highway in southern Utah's Zion National Park last night. No one was injured. "Crews will have to blast the rock and use heavy machinery to clear it. Due to the rock fall, emergency response is not available on the east side of Zion. The Scenic Drive and Zion Canyon remains open," Park spokeswoman Jin Prugsawan told the Salt Lake Tribune. Read the rest

These tech giants just asked US government for more surveillance; call Congress now!

Evan from Fight for the Future writes, "Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Salesforce / Heroku, and a handful of other tech companies just betrayed billions of people's trust. They signed a letter endorsing CISA, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act." Read the rest

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