GOP Vice Chair of House Energy committee is a climate denier and creationist

Marsha Blackburn has represented Tennessee's 7th district for more than a decade, on behalf of the Republican party, whose caucus has elevated her to the vice-chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Rep Blackburn has told America to ignore the Pope's message on climate change. When pressed on the subject on a BBC interview, she said "the jury is still out" and that "different researchers" had assured her that the Earth was cooling; as to the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climage change: "I just choose to disagree with that."

When asked what evidence would convince her of the reality of climate change, she showed remarkable self-awareness, answering "I don't think you will see me being persuaded."

She also said that she did not accept the theory of evolution.

Professor Brian Hoskins, a leading climate scientist at the Royal Society said her remarks were "absolutely staggering".

"It is nonsense to say the world has cooled," Hoskins said. "If no evidence will persuade Ms Blackburn of climate change, that shows how well-founded her views are."

Ignore Pope on climate, says Republican Marsha Blackburn
[Roger Harrabin/BBC]