The future of photography, education, sharing, news, privacy and learning (seriously)

Jonathan Worth is a celebrated, successful, internationally recognized award-winning photographer who saw the writing on the wall for his business — selling pictures to magazines — when he found himself threatening a young girl for pirating his pictures, and decided there had to be a better way.

Since then, Worth has pursued a new kind of photographic career, one that includes teaching literally tens of thousands of people to do tell their own stories with pictures; using Creative Commons licenses to sell physical photos; blazing new trail.

This hour-long keynote from the Association for Learning Technology 2015 Conference is inspiring, beautiful, and beautifully delivered. I'm so proud that we've published Worth's work here, and that I've been able to collaborate with him on some of his fantastic open learning projects (I'm also eternally grateful to him for the amazing portraits he's shot of me and my family over the years).