Try a stylish, Saul Bass-inspired two-player duel

I don't know what the name means, but NotDOBA looks stylish.

Designer Adam Curtis has made a two-player flash game called NotDOBA, inspired by the aesthetics struck by 60s graphic designer Saul Bass.

Visually it looks as neat as you'd expect. Curtis says he hopes the turn-based two-player game will appeal to fans of fast-paced local multiplayer works like Samurai Gunn or Nidhogg. I hope Curtis changes the name—I don't know what NotDOBA is nor is it catchy!—but the developer says he's committed to the ongoing update works necessary for a game like this to find a persistent community.

I like it on style alone; I also really like Steve Margetson's lively, tonally-apt music. You can get NotDOBA for Windows or OSX for $3.49.