Have a Twin Peaks dance-off with a sobbing Leland Palmer

Hey, Twin Peaks fans: Do you want to play Dance Dance Revolution with Leland Palmer? Yeah you do.

Whether it was Leland Palmer's grotesque waltzing or the silent shimmy of The Man From Another Place, dancing played a key role in the cult favorite mystery show Twin Peaks. Now you and a friend can play as different Twin Peaks characters (even a log), and join a sobbing Leland on the dance floor with Dance Dance Revolution-style controls.

It's called Fire Dance With Me (of course), and it's awesome, free and quick to play. One of you plays with the arrow keys, the other with the WASD controls, as a surprisingly-compelling dance take on the Angelo Badalamenti sound plays. It was made for DUPLICADE, a jam for short player versus player games where one person can win within 30 seconds.

This year's DUPLICADE is themed around games that feel like "outlaw flea" works, bizarre knockoffs and bootlegs mashed up from media properties real and imagined. See all the entries here.