Homemade steampunk neck-brace

What do you do about the huge, ugly neck-brace your doctor wants you to wear after spinal fusion surgery?

If you're an awesome maker like redditor Penguinz90, you decorate it to turn it into your own, steampunked-out brace. Ms z90 is a 48 year olf science teacher with four kids who used to work in the medical field and has had a long series of spinal surgeries that she has borne with apparent grace and bravery. Part of her impetus for making her own collar is so that she won't freak out the kids she teaches.

I dyed the foam insert hot pink, then got a black oil based paint Sharpie and colored the plastic and Velcro straps black, then added the steampunk gears with hot glue. I took it off and leaned my head back on a recliner to color it, put it back on to dry off then glued everything on while looking in the mirror.

I just had spinal fusion and have to wear a cervical collar for 6 weeks, I thought I'd fix it up some [Penguinz90/Reddit]

(via Neatorama)