AT-AT dog costume

Thinkgeek's $30 AT-AT Walker dog costumes come in S-XL.

Should you be a fan of dressing up your dog, we offer you this fine option from the Star Wars universe. This Star Wars AT-AT Walker Dog Costume is basically a doggie hat and jumpsuit. There's a head-wrap that has an elastic band. The body's all one piece, so you only have to fasten some hook-and-loop underneath your pet, sorta like a saddle girth. And it should be pretty easy to get to if your dog is anything like our cats, who fall over as if someone's just cranked up the local gravity the moment we put a costume piece on them. Speaking of which, we do not recommend this on cats. It's technically for "pets," but we like you with your blood on the inside.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Dog Costume [Thinkgeek]

(via Geeks are Sexy)