The 'despicable' Saudi prince accused of sexually assaulting 'multiple women' over 3 days in a $37 million Beverly Hills compound has disappeared.

Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 29, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult, but was soon out of jail on $300,000 bail–even as other women came forward to say they too were sexually assaulted by a globe-trotting predator, and held against their will.

The U.S. State Department and the Los Angeles Police Department's special consul division have both said Al-Saud does not appear to have diplomatic immunity.

Where is the prince now? The Los Angeles Times reporter who broke the story doesn't have an answer yet, and neither does anyone else who's talking. Best guess? He's long since out of Los Angeles, on a private jet headed back home to Riyadh. He has an October 19 court date in LA, and I'd agree that it's too early to tell what, if anything, will happen on that date.

Aerial view of the mansion where Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was arrested

Aerial view of the mansion where Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was arrested

From Joe Serna's updated report today in the LA Times:

A civil lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court on Friday claims he attacked other women inside the home for several days.

The suit, filed by three women only identified as Jane Does, accuses him of "extreme," "outrageous," and "despicable" behavior that started Monday and ended in his arrest. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and claims Al-Saud inflicted emotional distress, assault and battery, sexual discrimination and retaliation against the workers, among other allegations. The attorneys who filed the suit did not return calls seeking comment.

When officers arrived at the home Wednesday, they found a "party atmosphere" inside the compound, Lt. John Jenal said.

Neighbors reported seeing a bleeding woman screaming for help as she tried to scale an 8-foot-high wall that surrounds the property, at the end of a cul-de-sac in the 2500 block of Wallingford Drive. The home is within a gated community near Beverly Hills. Officers escorted about 20 people out of the house, many of them staff, Collins said.

"More women accuse Saudi prince after his arrest on sex crime charge, LAPD says"

The Daily Mail interviewed Beverly Glen residents who said all cars have disappeared from the compound driveway, and the prince appears to have moved out. "I am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now," one neighbor said. "I don't think he even needs a passport to get out of here."

Below, a photograph of a man said to work for the LA Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles who showed up at the residence of Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, shortly after LAPD arrived. The photo was taken by a neighbor.