How to break into a Brinks lockbox in seconds

We already know that Brinks' computerized safes can be hacked within a minute, but did you know their traditional lockboxes are even easier to get into?

YouTuber jcazes provides instructions, complete with all the exhaustive details required to understand Brinks' intricate mechanism.

Step 1: Insert a paperclip, applying vertical tension
Step 2: turn the paperclip
Step 3: laugh

Notable Replies

  1. Yes, most cabinet locks can be opened with a paperclip. This is not exactly news to anyone with a streak of trouble in them.
    We did that to higher quality National brand cupboard locks in our school's supply cabinets in the seventies.

  2. Step 3 might be a problem for me as i might get out of hand with my nefarious cackles. It seems to call them pesky good-doers over.

  3. applying vertical tension

    Tension is stretching something. I don't think that's the right word here.

  4. Torsion. But I believe the lock picking tool is commonly called a tension wrench, so what do I know.

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