Megachurch televangelists lay hands on Donald Trump, ask Jesus to vote for him

GOP presidential candidate and noted scumbag Donald Trump met with a bunch of televangelists, Tea Party "teavangelicals," and preacher profiteers at his Trump Tower office Monday afternoon.

The elite group, which included some megachurch chiefs who have previously been investigated by the federal government for misuse of donations, prayed while performing the "laying on of hands" to infuse him with the Holy Spirit. The goal: Jesus, get our man elected.

Here's video of the event, shot on a cellphone by an attendee.

The reported attendees are a who's who of America's most greedy megachurches.

The guest list included:

• Science-hatin' Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, whose anti-vaccine preachings have reportedly led to the deaths of children

• Conservative evangelical Christian Pastor David Jeremiah, who believes that the world is literally going to end any day now because God wants to destroy us all

Trinity Broadcasting Network multimillionaire Jan Crouch, who is famous for her giant drag queen wigs and for accusations that she misappropriated funds from her charity work and her ministries

• High-income Holy Roller Paula White, one of the televangelists investigated by the federal government for "misuse of donations"

"Jews For Jesus" Rabbi Kirt Schneider, a self-described End Times messenger of THE LORD!" who is obviously a total assclown, come on, what more do you need me to type about this guy.

From the evangelical christian outlet Christian Broadcast News, which just loooooves Trump, and all those men of TV and God:

The meeting lasted roughly two and a half hours and ended with pastors gathering around Trump and laying their hands on him in prayer. Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, and Rabbi Schneider prayed during that time, asking the Lord to give the GOP presidential frontrunner wisdom, stability and knowledge necessary to pursue this endeavor. They also prayed for America and for God's will to be done.

Here's some classic Jan Crouch, because gurl, that queen's hair is on fire.

[via Christian Nightmares, Joe My God]