Arse Elektronika San Francisco 2015: SHOOT YOUR WORKLOAD

The annual "Sex, work and tech" show comes back to San Francisco, Oct 2-4, at the Center for Sex and Culture, featuring "talks, performances, games, workshops, machines and systems."

* How can we change work structures in the sex tech field. Is DIY really so revolutionary, or are we just tinkering around with our misery?

* Work and labor struggle and exploitation in sex tech. What to do about dildo sweatshops?

* What are the correlations of technology and sex work?

* Some research suggests that different sexual dynamics prevail in traditional breadwinner households. What sexual dynamics might proliferate in an economy of widespread automation and basic income, in a society where "having a job" becomes increasingly antiquated?

* What is emotional labor to a chatbot?

* What about the connection between 'work' and active/passive dichotomies in sex? What is the invisible work of bottoms and subs, and how might it be better recognized?
* What do you do with your sex when it stops working?

Arse Elektronika 2015… October 2-4, 2015… San Francisco!