HOWTO: terrifying Deep Dreaming costume

Normally, choosing to dress up for Hallowe'en as a sassy pop-culture meme means you're not going as a terrifying monstrosity from our cultural nightmares — but with the Deep Dreaming costume, you can be both, with dogs!

You've DeepDreamed some of your selfies, right? Of course you have! If not, I…I don't understand you. Were you not curious?? But there were those two weeks in July when everybody who did DeepDream their selfies changed their Facebook profile pictures to DeepDreamed pics, anyway, so you'll still get what I'm talking about.

DeepDream recognizes eyes pretty well, but layers its reiterated eyeball impressions heavily so they look…I think the technical term is "fucked up." In convolutional neural network vision, human eyes are very round, very wide, and tend to have a very unflattering yellow-green cast. So, there're your instructions!

The Google DeepDream Makeup Tutorial That Nobody Asked For
[Jennifer Culp/Millihelen]

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