Pokemon demands $4000 from broke superfan who organized Pokemon party

Larkin Jones is a hardcore Pokemon fan who loses money every year on his annual Pokemon PAX party; he makes up the shortfall from his wages managing a cafe. This year, Pokémon Company International sued him and told him that even though he'd cancelled this year's party, they'd take everything he had unless he paid them $5,400 in a lump sum (they wouldn't let him pay it in installments).

Jones charges $2 a head to come to his party, and spends the $500 he grosses from tickets on a DJ, gift cards, decorations, cash prizes, and a Kindle Fire door-prize. He's lost money on the party every year since he started throwing them in 2011.

He's seeking donations to help pay Pokemon off. He's vowed to never throw another fandom party.

The day before the PAX party, Pokemon sued me. With
out even a cease and desist.Totally didn't expect that. I cancelled the party, refunded everyone the 2 dollars I charged to help cover all the prizes I bought for the cosplay contest and smash bros tournament. Pokemon wants $4000 that I just don't have. I told them I would pay it over a year and they denied that. They want it now with in the next 45 days.

I work in a cafe and I literally don't have $4000. I wish they would have just sent a cease and desist because I had no problem dropping the party but I just don't have $4000 to pay in the next 45 days.

So I'm reaching out to the PAX video game community. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. I just want it to be over with and not have it escalate further because I couldn't pay 4k in 45 days. Trust me I will never throw another fandom party again.
Thank you guys so much in advance.

Pokémon copyright lawyers demand $4,000 from party planner
[Joe Mullin/Ars Technica]