You have 99 seconds to make art

Quick, make something creatively fulfilling before time runs out!

Time is of the essence in Artners, a game by Holly Gramazio that provides you with an evocative and slightly pretentious title ("The Fall of New York," perhaps, or "Sketch of Thoreau"), a series of visual tools, and 99 seconds to complete your commission. You can either fly solo, or turn it into a two-player collaboration if you can find a fellow artist willing to crowd around the keyboard with you.

Although the idea of competing against the clock to make art is more than a little tongue-in-cheek ("SATIRE" is in the game description), Artners has helped produce some lovely images that have already made their way to the great and terrible art gallery that is Twitter.

Above, you can see my personal masterpiece, "Out of the Damned." Perhaps you too can produce something this majestic, if indeed you are ready to art.