Kim Davis isn't doing her job. Again.

Kim Davis isn't doing her job again. Michael from Muckrock writes, "This time, she's falling short on responding to public records requests, particularly one relating to her controversial visit with Pope Francis."

When she does answer, she is "old school" — she prints and faxes responses.

An email should not lie with the fax machine, nor spreadsheets with the printer. This is common sense no matter what state, and also the law in many of them. Where such a best practice is also a legal requirement, a particular official's orientation away from same-format provision is irrelevant to her obligation.

I will continue to assert my rights under Kentucky law to obtain emails as emails, not as faxes. In the meantime, we're raising money to cover Kim's labor costs for fulfilling the request, which still amount to more than $500. Contribute below to help us bring transparency to Rowan County!

Kim Davis is "old school" about public records requests [Muckrock]