Make a booze flask hidden in a baby

That baby in the snugli is no baby: it's a hollow baby doll fitted with a booze-filled rehydration bladder with an access-straw in the forehead, beneath its wooly cap.

Mikeasaurus's Instructable shows you how to use the bladder from a kamelbak-style rehydration bag with a generic baby-doll to make a covert booze flask you can take to sporting matches and the like. You get the play the doting parent, administering frequent kisses on the forehead to your li'l snuggums, while simultaneously downing quarts of pre-mixed Manhattan (serving suggestion only).

Even if you don't drink, you have to appreciate Mikeasaurus's loving gif of a baby-doll having its forehead drilled out.

(This is apparently unrelated to this unsuccessful kickstarter to create a commercial equivalent)

It's so frustrating not being able to enjoy my adult beverage in public. Sporting events, movies, church, all frown on bringing in your own booze. Instead of brown-bagging your beverage at the next bash, why not hide it in plain sight, inside a baby flask!

This doll holds a refillable drink bladder that lets you sip from a straw hidden in the top of the head. Everyone loves babies, and you can dismiss any inquisitive investigators by simply saying "Shhh. she's sleeping". This should deter all but the most persistent people.

baby flask [Mikeasaurus/Instructables]

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)