Funny because it's true: "Tories to build thousands of affordable second homes"

The UK humour site Daily Mash nails the UK's transformation into a Torified, bank-centric place where the need for shelter is a vulnerability to exploit in order to enrich yourself at the expense of the people around you with a brilliant short piece: "Tories to build thousands of affordable second homes."

The Tories won the 2010 election partly on the promise that they would allow wealthy families to hand $1M down to their kids tax-free, which is expected to take the form, largely, of income property, increasing the country's trend to more renters renting at higher prices from fewer, richer landlords..

This is merely the continuation of the Thatcher-era reforms that allowed every Briton to aspire to "passive income" — that is, to earning their livings by owning things, instead of doing or making things, a kind of inclusive feudalism that included feudalism's vicious contempt for people who don't own things that they charge other people to use.

"By the end of my term as prime minister, Britons will no longer be deprived of a bolthole in the country, and thousands will once again be able to earn £500 every weekend by putting their London flat through Airbnb."

29-year-old Emma Bradford said: "We've just gotten married and would like to start exploiting other people like us.

"Our dream is to be able to say 'you can't have your deposit back because there's biscuit crumbs behind the sofa' with a you've-hurt-our-feelings facial expression."

Tories to build thousands of affordable second homes
[Daily Mash]

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