Indie comics giant Dennis Eichhorn has died

I'm sad to share the news that Dennis Eichhorn, creator of the autobiographical comic book series, Real Stuff, died on October 8, 2015. Dennis wrote for the bOING bOING zine, and we've run many excerpts from Real Stuff, which were originally published by Fantagraphics in the early 1990s.

Dennis's comics were often about his early life in Idaho, where he was a football jock and juvenile delinquent. Later he became a hippy, a bartender, and a bouncer. He served time in prison for dealing LSD. He lived a crazy life and I loved reading his stories, which were illustrated by some of the best cartoonists in the business, including Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns, Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Mary Fleener, and Jaime Hernandez.

The back cover of Real Stuff number 20 (October 1994), seems like one Dennis would have wanted to run here. It's the tattoo he had inked on his butt:


Last Gasp recently published Extra Good Stuff, which contains a new collection of autobiographical stories.