Kickstarting a new edition of Kill Doctor Lucky, the very first Cheapass Game

Carol writes, "The first Cheapass Game ever was Kill Doctor Lucky, back in late 1996. After multiple editions, and being licensed out for a number of years, it has come back home to Cheapass Games, and we're sprucing it up, just in time for its 19.5th Anniversary. It's now available for pre-order through Kickstarter, with some nice extras, until Friday, November 13th. 'Someone is going to kill Doctor Lucky... it might as well be you!'"

Man, I've had some enjoyable evenings killing Doctor Lucky!

Cheapass is one of the great games companies of all time, and I love everything about this.

The game will be available in stores at normal retail prices, but $50 will get you a game and a huge pack of amazing merch; you can get just the merch for $15.

The first edition of Kill Doctor Lucky was released in late 1996, and it won the Origins Award for Best Abstract Board Game of 1997. (Cheapass Games also won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game, Give Me the Brain, in the same year). Kill Doctor Lucky was also listed in the GAMES 100, the top 100 games of the year as chosen by GAMES Magazine. This great response was despite the fact that the first edition came in a white paper envelope, with cheap components and no spare parts.

Cheapass Games later released two upgraded white-box editions, including a "Director's Cut" with an alternate board, before licensing the game to Paizo / Titanic Games in 2006. The last of Paizo's deluxe edition sold out in 2014, and the rights to the game have now come back to Cheapass Games.

This 19.5th Anniversary Edition will have all-new art by Israel Evans, who also illustrated the card game version, Get Lucky. It has thoroughly revised rules, which you can see in the open beta at

Kill Doctor Lucky
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