The best Canadian political ad of the season mashes up Bob Dylan and Chanie Gorkin

In the pending Canadian federal election, Matt Masters Burgener is running against the incumbent war-criminal, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He conceived of a spectacular campaign ad that plays on the idea that he's a longshot

The ad looks like Bob Dylan's classic video for Subterranean Homesick Blues, in which Dylan holds and discards a series of signs in time with the song's lyrics. But it ads a twist, taken from Chanie Gorkin's viral "palindrome poem" Worst Day Ever?, which, when read from top to bottom, is a message of despair, but read from bottom to top is an exuberant denial of hopelessness.

It's a continuation of his clever Send Harper a Message guerrilla sign campaign, which encourages residents of the consituency of Calgary-Heritage to put up signs adjacent to Harper's, with political messages about Harper's political track record.

Did Matt Masters Burgener just quit?!?! [Matt Masters Burgener/Youtube]

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