Luxurious end-of-world shelters for the super rich

When the food riots come and the ocean waves are pounding against the Chrysler and TransAmerica buildings, where will the rich people be? Inside their spacious disaster bunker, eating gourmet meals and playing board games with other 0.01 percenters.

From Core 77:

[Vivos Indiana] is an "impervious underground complex" built in a Cold-War-era nuclear shelter and kitted out with luxury amenities. The idea is that you sign up in advance and plunk down $35,000 per person ($25,000 for kids) to secure one of the 80 spots available within the shelter. In the event of disaster, travel to the publicly-undisclosed location in Indiana and make it inside before they lock it down, and then you can survive for a year amidst leather couches, 600-thread-count sheets and gourmet chow.