Call for papers: We Robot, a conference on robots, ethics, philosophy and regulation

Michael Froomkin writes, "We Robot is a cool conference that brings together lawyers, engineers, philosophers, robot builders, ethicists, and regulators who are on the front lines of robot theory, design, or development. The 2016 editioni will be in Coral Gables, Florida on April 1-2, 2016 at the University of Miami School of Law. The main conference will be preceded by a day of special workshops on March 31. Full details at The We Robot 2016 conference web site. "

The call for papers and participation closes Nov. 1 and the organizers are looking for contributions by academics, practitioners, and others in the form of scholarly papers or demonstrations of technology or other projects. We Robot fosters conversations between the people designing, building, deploying and using robots, and the people who design or influence the legal and social structures in which robots will operate. Contributions resulting from interdisciplinary collaborations, such as those between legal, ethical, economics, or policy scholars and roboticists are particularly encouraged.

You can register">register as an attendee if you are not planning a presentation — this is an event with an active audience since the papers are available in advance and the focus is on having discussions.