Just how bad would Joe Biden be as President? Really f*cking bad

Nick Gillespie of The Daily Beast offers up a list of compelling reasons to fear for a Biden presidency. Biden is a military hawk, a willfully-ignorant drug warrior, an academic cheater, and a plagiarizer. "On top of that," says Nick, "he's been silent on the issue of domestic surveillance, torture, and other niceties of today's modern warfare."

Biden was instrumental in creating the office of the drug czar and called for nothing short of total war on pot and pills. "Mr. President," he raged, outdoing even Ronald Reagan in just-say-no bellicosity, "you say you want a war on drugs, but if that's what you want we need another D-Day. Instead you're giving us another Vietnam — a limited war fought on the cheap, financed on the sly, with no clear objectives, and ultimately destined for stalemate and human tragedy." Give Biden bonus credit for chutzpah in invoking Vietnam—like Dick Cheney, he managed to snag five deferments from the military draft his college days.

Here's the best Biden photo to go along with this, but we don't have a licensing arrangement with AP.

Image: Wikipedia