Wikileaks hosting files from CIA director John Brennan's AOL account

Wikileaks has posted a collection of documents ganked from CIA director John Brennan's email account, which was reportedly hacked by a "teen stoner" earlier this week.

The hack revealed that Brennan had transmitted copies of sensitive government documents in his personal AOL account. At the time of the hack CNN reported that no classified material had been compromised.

The initial Wikileaks Brennan dump includes many sensitive documents, include Brennan's own social graph, which was included in Brennan's "National Security Position" form.

The published materials also include Brennan's recommendations to the US President about how to manage affairs related to Iran and a letter from Senator Kit Bond, vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, that details how to "make future interrogation methods 'compliant' and 'legal,'" WikiLeaks states.

CIA Director John Brennan emails

WikiLeaks publishes e-mail from CIA director’s hacked AOL account
[Joe Mullin/Ars Technica]