That time Dick Cheney complained Donald Rumsfeld drank too much coffee


Back in 1975, Dick Cheney, the worst person in the world, was Deputy Chief of Staff in Gerald Ford's White House.

Here's a memo he wrote to Staff Secretary Jim Connor complaining that his boss, Donald Rumsfeld, also the the worst person in the world, was drinking too much coffee in the White House. According to Cheney's memo, Rummy was running up a bill in excess of $100 a month, which is around $450 in today's money.

What was in that coffee?

From Mental Floss:

"Can you please tell me what's going on?" a 34-year-old Cheney wrote to Staff Secretary Jim Connor. Rumsfeld's nine-person staff (and their guests) had consumed a whopping 200 pots of coffee—about 50 pots per week.

In a handwritten note, Connor laid out the facts: "They are drinking too much coffee and have too many people drinking it!"

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