Firstsecond's new Fable Comics is the third knockout anthology in which amazing, hugely varied comics creators recreate some of the world's best loved stories. As with Nursery Rhyme Comics and Fairy Tale Comics, Fable Comics draws from diverse source material and presents it in varied, fresh ways that have something for everyone.

Contributors to this volume include James "Glorkian Warrior" Kolchaka, Jaime Hernandez, Vera "Anya's Ghost" Brosgol, Israel Sanchez, and many, many, many more.

This book was a bed-time favorite in our house for a week — it's perfect for bedtime, with short stories that can be read in twos or threes. And it passed the ultimate stress-test: I kept discovering that my daughter was sneaking off and reading ahead on her own. That's the gold standard.

Firstsecond graciously gave permission for me to include four of my favorite stories from the book below. Have a read on them!

Fable Comics! [Chris Duffy/Firstsecond]

The Fox and the Grapes by James Kolchaka

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Jaime Hernandez

The Hare and the Pig by Vera Brosgol

The Mouse Council by Liniers