Astounding showpiece table full of hidden compartments nested in hidden compartments

Custom furniture maker Craig Thibodeau created this showpiece "Automaton Table" to illustrate all the different ways that he can hide secret compartments in the pieces he builds.

The video is amazing, with secret compartments revealed inside the secret compartments inside the secret compartments, each more delightful than the last. I want everything I own to be filled with these clever little boxes — it reminds me of Terry Pratchett's Cabinet of Curiosity, which is one of the neatest plot elements in the outstanding 2007 novel Making Money.

Regrettably, Thibodeau's website is currently offline with a "bandwidth exceeded" message from his ISP, though you can see a little of it in this unsatisfactory Google cache (alas, he's blocked the Internet Archive from making caches of the site).

(via Core 77)