Pirates are the best customers: just sell good stuff at a reasonable price in a timely fashion

Alex from Copy-Me writes, "We've just released its fourth episode, called 'Pirates Are The Best Customers' – which talks about piracy and artists."

I was a backer of Copy-Me's crowdfunding campaign and this excites me a LOT.

This episode addresses the real, verifiable, and independent research data that show something pretty weird (at first glance): not only are 'pirates' not negatively affecting markets, but 'pirates' are actually positively contributing to them. As industries push more on the piracy-destroys-everything rhetoric, it's time we really take a step back and see the whole picture.

– Does a trove of independent data paint piracy as the end-all enemy? No, not at all. It's more that the industry fails to address the market of underserved customers.

– Do we really need stronger laws to protect our losses? Research shows that no anti-piracy measure has actually worked so far and that protection doesn't solve anything.

Piracy seems to be more of a symptom and not the cause of all problems. The solution is, and has always been, good quality services. Because distribution is terrible, prices are very high and don't correlate with customer revenue, and the quality and scope of distribution is just about nonexistent. Meanwhile, 'pirates' are your greatest fans and your greatest supporters. They are more likely pay for your next concert, movie, or book if you just give them the chance to do so.

As we see a steady growth of entertainment industry revenues each year, maybe it's time we really put our lawmakers in the spotlight. Laws can't fix the problem of an old business model failing to adapt to market changes. And it's time to really talk about the effects of piracy.

Episode 4 – Parts 1&2: Pirates Are The Best Customers [Copy-Me]