Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints: "The most sadistic program on TV," also #butts

"I hate to think that people are watching this and we walk among them."

"Sons of Anarchy" is an addictive show, and I should know: I lost my boyfriend for about 6 weeks when he became a binge-watcher who became hopelessly hooked after watching the pilot. He returned only after working his way all the way to the show's finale, about which he'll reveal nothing to me. He's a great boyfriend, after all.

Anyway, the show is a little too violent for me. Others are even more concerned about the effects that SOA has on its viewers, and just how sick those viewers might be.

Michael from Muckrock points us to some of the complaints those worried worriers have made to the FCC.


"Sons of Anarchy will have been off the air for a full year in December, leaving fans of motorcycle gang family/crime dramas featuring heavy Shakespearean undertones with little to fill the void," Michael tells Boing Boing.

"Every cloud has a silver ling, however: FCC complaints released to Dustin Slaughter show the show's ending saved at least one concerned parent a trip to Washington to get it yanked from the airwaves."

Apparently, many of the complaints involved butts.

"The most sadistic program on TV" Sons of Anarchy FCC complaints" [muckrock]


#BUTTS One of the complaints sent to the FCC about

#BUTTS One of the complaints sent to the FCC about "Sons of Anarchy."