Stylish furniture made from discarded supermarket trolleys

Dutch designer Etienne Reijnders rescues discarded shopping trolleys made by Wanzl, purveyor of the world's largest trolleys, and remakes them into beautiful, minimalist pieces of mid-century-modern-inflected furniture.

Sawn, cut, folded, forged and welded, the end result is extremely strong and surprisingly comfortable. "I'm a headstrong Designer, who especially loves to walk the road of sidetracks and loves challenges." Reijnders says, "I believe in simple work. The design and material must fit in with the thought process, so don't make it prettier or uglier than it needs to be. I work very crisp, and pure."

Etienne Reijnders

Designer Etienne Reijnders Transforms Discarded Shopping Carts into Stylish Furniture
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